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Everything that is anything plays the chord of my Heart tonight

Hai, Hoooooy, Everything that is anything plays the chord of my Heart tonight,
Tired? Wings of heart open,
Anything to complain? Soaring higher in freedom,
~ Everything is fuel for this sky dance ~

Tonight, the mind has graduated from sanity and insanity,
they are there standing in service at the moment of need.

This is what happens after a long day of work, coming home,
and if the Heart dares to complain,
This warrior, with legs crossed,
surrenders everything, everything surrenders,
in the dark of nothing, She Awakens, animating the cosmos in every cell,
and nothing makes any sense, everything makes sense.

Who can understand anything anymore here?
if you looked in my face, you’d see mellow contentment,
if you’d look in my mind, you’d see question-less calm,
if you’d look in my heart, you’d see the cool fire projector,
if you’d look out of my eyes, you’d wonder how is it there are still any walls in this world?
and then, you’d wonder, and be Lost till the phone rings and mind comes back to service.

complaint isn’t possible