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Dream Last Night

Last night, as I layed back to sleep in my bed and closed my eyes, I awoke in my dream in the same bed in the same room.
The room began to move like a ship on the sea. My vision became panoramic and seeing from inside the room and outside in unison. My room was floating in the middle of a blue ocean where every drop when looked at seemed infinitely vast. A school of orka whales began attacking the walls of my room floating in the ocean, and I realized I was maintaining the room with my mind in an awake dream. There was no place but the ocean and I was being overwhelmed by the attack of the orka’s. I decided to enter to the inner dimensions as I witnessed my body in front of me, and in the middle of my forhead was a door. The door opened, and behind it another door, and like this a rollodex of doors kept opening with nothing inside any of them. “I” was cornered having no place to go.
A beautiful goddess like woman came with a friendly transendent voice, in between her and my vision were hanging upside down a succulant herb. She reminded me it’s okay while accepting my own emptiness, I disappared again into myself.