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Passion in Being

Fire within keeps burning, from endless time
Slashing through veils, creating mazes, tending my creations

My passion is always my one Beloved beneath every endeavor
It may be my creation, my own maze, the passion sweetens as deep as it burns

I feel so powerful daring to be so vulnerable at the same time.
Only this way I have a song, a poem, a glass of wine, a possibility that never was before.

Greet Me (deconstruction)

Greet me not from any presumed culture.

Leave politeness and pride before you enter.

Don’t try to spoil me by flattery, feed not my pride nor character, let me be self sufficient, let me fail without saving me, let me vanish!  Only this way, you may have a chance to see me.

Introduce not yourself by the names, labels, accomplishments, and past stories.

Be authentic and mean what you say!  What is alive for you?

Self-Examine your every gesture, manner of breath, and posture for true authenticity with yourself physically, emotionally, mentally, and beyond.

Hold no concept called “beyond”, beyond is a word for the unknown dimension(s).  The concepts often keep you from going beyond concepts!  Trapped in thinking!

If there is thinking, thinking about thinking, consider it all thinking if you are looking to find yourself!  You are not found in thinking.  Recognize in searching for Truth/Self et all esoterica (inner knowledge), that knowing exists regardless of thinking, and thinking serves like acknowledgment or recognition to that knowing.

Recognize that any self-judgement isn’t yours; if you are being yourself it is impossible to self-judge… all those self-judging voices were given to you by peers (parents, cultures, religions, schools, governments, commercials, etc.) ever since you became conscious and impressionable!

Recognize if you are not willing to change there won’t be any growth.  Change means giving up your beliefs, fears, religions, cultures, faiths, ambitions, plans, general grips, controls, and manipulations over reality and truth.  Reality and Truth don’t need anything to be supported… if they do, they are not!  Death and rebirth are the seeds for evolution, maturity, and wisdom; therefore there is no life without embracing death.  In embracing death, you come out of your mind and into the pure potential of the present moment.  There is an underlying fear until death is faced and embraced not once in even a true near death experience but in every moment of life.  Every moment that death is acknowledged as a possibility, you are more alive, more true, and here!  Being aware of this moment to moment death and rebirth our consciousness can expand and recognize itself,  our individual life and existence itself.  In the moment to moment embrace of death, there life is full, ego/pride/ignorance are null.

Though you may come to irrefutably know, it is on the foundation of not knowing and acknowledgement that your thinking-mind will never know, this way your whole being, consciousness, insight, intuition and so on can naturally be part of your expression… yourself, a flow of consciousness and pure experiencing.

Recognize that even reaching the highest peak or deepest valley is just another beginning; that this Magnanimous Multi-Dimensional Existence is also infinite.  That those of us with real courage, self-love, and love for existence can push into new dimensions that perhaps no human or even great mystics may have experienced prior, we can become conscious  participants of the ever-evolution.  Recognize our own deep value and potential for working with Existence to Recreate ourself.  The art of the mystic is in recreating, forging, and transforming the self.