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soul is filled with gratitude

what is this music that I feel in my bones, in every cell,
makes me get up and dance all alone
but hear it not in the drum of my ears?

Passion in Being

Fire within keeps burning, from endless time
Slashing through veils, creating mazes, tending my creations

My passion is always my one Beloved beneath every endeavor
It may be my creation, my own maze, the passion sweetens as deep as it burns

I feel so powerful daring to be so vulnerable at the same time.
Only this way I have a song, a poem, a glass of wine, a possibility that never was before.

Impossible Lover? (personal view)

From the self-loving contentment of aloneness, a space opens for intimacy

When self-loving contentment of aloneness is no longer an aspect of intimacy, suffering returns.

Out of this space for intimacy, in order to enhance my own self-loving contentment of aloneness, there is an invitation to connect without binding in fear-contracts, without imposing, without manipulation, without expectations nor agendas.  In return, I offer you space for our many cycles of intimacy and separation.  There is never a promise to return, yet, moment to moment accepting of possibilities and responsibility for how I and you each separately choose to experience reality.  An acceptance that I am responsible for my own pains and joys, and in the same way, it’s not about you when I push you away or invite you to return; it is an expression of my own self love.  Often I prefer aloneness, and I may invite intimacy how I choose.  Choosing intimacy with me can seem dangerous if you don’t love yourself, nor if you can’t come to know and trust me.  In every moment there are invitations and actions, and if I choose according to what makes another happy over what makes me happy I will be in pain.  It is my responsibility to keep myself happy, to engage when the terms of engaging are compatible with my self-love.  It isn’t personal, in that my effort is in being sincere and authentic with myself, and letting that create the moment to moment dance.

In a relationship we can play roles of lover and beloved, parent and child, and so on.  Yet, from my own culture of self-love, I am my own lover and beloved, I am my own master, I am my own parent and child, and so on.  This doesn’t mean sharing with other human beings, animals, plants, planets, elements, atoms, and so on doesn’t happen.  Body enjoys sensual/healing/loving touch, Heart enjoys sharing devotion/affection/joy, Mind enjoys creativity/conversation/contemplation, being enjoys experiencing, and so forth.  Still, the ultimate center for fulfilment is at the center of my own being.  Fairy tales are fairy tales, and I am free willy swimming in the oceans, making friends where it happens.

I am always in movement within myself within existence, every changing within and without.  This is my evolution, it arose out of self love, how can I allow anything to bottle it?  I choose freedom without boundaries, restrictions, traps, promises, conditions, and so forth.

This self-loving contentment of aloneness, and the freedom and liberation expresses itself as compassion, healing, love, guidance, intimacy, and sharing and so on according to capacity and receptivity.

Self Love

If you don’t know what self love is, here’s a start…

interact with yourself in any manner, if the result feels good, gives relief, increases energy and knowledge, and gives overall benefit, then continue with it.  keep interacting, and in the activity you’ll get better at it, as it refines it becomes a dance, your dance.

in the background, contemplate yourself in retrospect until you arrive in the presence  in the presence, keep the contemplation until you are in unity with yourself, oneness  you’ll reveal to yourself.  The contemplation will create the intelligence you need to best love yourself, and best be with others.